Vaun Cummins

Vaun Cummins

Senior Aquaculture Technician, Alltech

Vaun Cummins was born in Louisville, Kentucky where he spent a great deal of his childhood in the woods, creeks and rivers developing curiosities about the natural world. He studied primatology at the University of Kentucky and the University of California, Davis, earning his bachelor’s in anthropology.  He was employed by the California Regional Primate Research Center and The University of California, Davis Anthropology Department before moving to Kenya, East Africa in 1999 to manage a research field site.  He was first exposed to aquaculture while living in Kenya where he worked in close proximity to several of the region’s trout farms.  The opportunities to visit and work with these farms inspired him to learn more about the field.  His motivation was furthered when he worked in Honduras and was exposed to the detrimental effects that non-regulated, subsistence capture techniques could have on a wild fishery.  Prior to obtaining his master’s degree in aquaculture and aquatic sciences at Kentucky State University, he owned and operated an eco-tourism destination in La Moskitia, Honduras. His professional interests include fish/crustacean nutrition, aquaponic systems and recreational fisheries management. His research has examined the use of alternative protein and lipid sources in finfish and crustacean diets.

See Vaun Cummins Tuesday, May 19 in the Aqua: Protein of the Future Symposium.

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