John Sweetman

John Sweetman

European Technical Manager for Aquaculture, Alltech

John Sweetman, Alltech’s European technical manager for aquaculture, has 30 years of experience in the culture of a wide variety of freshwater and marine finfish. He has worked extensively in Europe and Southeast Asia and has designed, constructed and managed a number of marine hatcheries and farms worldwide. Recent work has focused on the diversification of marine finfish hatchery production, namely with cod in Norway and Scotland and a number of warm water species in the Mediterranean and America through his consultancy company, Ecomarine Ltd. Ecomarine specializes in a number of activities including management structuring and restructuring, development of cost efficient production strategies, technical auditing, performance analysis, problem identification and solution development in industrial production facilities. Currently, he is responsible at Alltech for the implementation of research and development as well as practical application of Alltech Aqua’s natural product ranges.

See John Sweetman on Tuesday, May 19 in the Aqua: Protein of the Future Symposium.

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