Business Track


Marketing For Business Growth

Every business has a brand that defines it. Are you managing yours, or are you letting it fall to the wayside?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Is your financial strategy sustainable? What does successful due diligence look like? How can you craft a winning negotiation strategy?

Digital Business

Come learn how this new paradigm is already affecting your life and business, and how you can leverage its opportunities while mitigating risks.

Plenary Session: Kickoff for Alltech REBELation

Prepare to be inspired as we explore potential and possibility in our careers, teams, personal lives and businesses with some of the world’s most highly respected authors, speakers and leaders. A REBELation awaits you.

Featured speakers during the plenary sessions include General Colin Powell, Coach John Calipari, Dr. Pearse Lyons, Jim Stengel, Declan Coyle, and more!

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