Agriculture Track


Beef: Its Future

During the Beef symposium, you will learn how to stay ahead in the marketplace, while connecting with industry experts.

Aqua: Protein of the Future

Today, farmed fish outsells beef, pound for pound, and generally fish can be produced more efficiently than any other animal.

Poultry: Production & Marketing Coming Together

How will the poultry industry maintain its competitive advantage while meeting consumers’ increasing demands?

Crop Science: Growing the Revolution

Join us as we bring together researchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers to engage in an open discussion about this growing revolution.

Pork: Is it the Other White Meat?

How will pork REBEL and stand out as a fresh, healthy and innovative food product for years to come?

Dairy: Today's Greatest Business Opportunity

What can we learn from successes in localized home deliveries, branded cheese production and infant formula market ownership?

Plenary Session: Kickoff for Alltech REBELation

Prepare to be inspired as we explore potential and possibility in our careers, teams, personal lives and businesses with some of the world’s most highly respected authors, speakers and leaders. A REBELation awaits you.

Featured speakers during the plenary sessions include General Colin Powell, Coach John Calipari, Dr. Pearse Lyons, Jim Stengel, Declan Coyle, and more!

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